TUCSON! Here Are A Few Free Things To Do This Weekend!!!!

COVID-19 is definitely ruining all of the fun we could've been having this summer, but nonetheless there are still quite a few things to do to get your mind off of everything!

Staying safe is a priority of course, so I found a list of a few cool things you can virtually do this weekend in Tucson!

  1. Sign Up To Learn How to Tame Stress and Eliminate Reactivity in Less Than 8 Weeks Here!
  2. If you love art, this ones for you! Six Figure Art Teacher - Free Webinar On Starting An Art Teaching Business!!! Get details here!
  3. Did someone say GAME NIGHT?! Sign up for: Tucson Virtual Game Night: Trivia, Charades, and Drawing over Video here!

Find more cool things to do in Tucson right here!

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