Tips On Getting Children To Wear Masks

Getting children used to wearing masks has been a challenge throughout the pandemic.

As schools discuss whether or not they are going to resume in-person classes, overcoming this obstacle will be a necessity as masks will more than likely be required when attending school.

Don't worry! Tanque Verde Pediatrics Dr. Sandra Herron recently shared some tips that will help guide parents through this transition.

Dr. Sandra Herron advises:

"Small children, age 2 and under, should use a four-by-six-inch mask with five inches of elastic. Older kids, around 4 and up, may have to wear a mask for the entire school day."
"Those big kid masks should measure about five-by-seven with six inches of elastic around the ears to be most comfortable."
”The snugger it fits, the better that it works, and the less that they pull and mess with them,” Herron said.

KOLD has more details here!

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